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Fred’s Swim Academy swimming course

At FRED’S SWIM ACADEMY babies, younger and older children use the SWIMTRAINER „Classic“ and follow the 3-stage swim & learn system, depending on their development stage and age. They are then supported effectively to adopt a technically correct breaststroke position. When using the SWIMTRAINER „Classic“ children feel a sense of security at every development stage, making learning to swim quick and easy.

Wellness for children

Because the kids are also very big in enjoying, we have put together special treatments for children. Our beauty staff cares sincerely for your beloved. Book now wellness for your children now. Call us: +43 5443 8214 ext 42 for beauty reception.

Exclusive facial treatments

Choose from our offer and make your reservation early enough to get your desired date: +43 5443 8214 ext 42 for beauty reception.

Manicure, Pedicure & Depilation

Well cared hands are the best advertisement. Allow yourself a manicure, pedicure or effective hair removal. Hurry up and book your beauty appointment: +43 5443 8214 ext 42 for beauty reception.

Massages & Baths

Skillful hands and careful treatments provide relaxation and regeneration. Book your massage or relaxing bath in advance. Contact us: +43 5443 8214 ext 42 for beauty reception.

Body packs & peelings

Enjoy a soothing and detoxifying body pack in the soft pack system or a high quality scrub. Reserve now your beauty appointment. Contact us: +43 5443 8214 ext 42 for beauty reception.

Comfort Packages for Women & Men

You save up to 10%

In our beauty spa Jungborn it is all about beauty and leisure. "All for You" is the claim that we try to realize most attentively. You and your wishes are the centre of attention. Once here, our qualified masseuses and beauticians guide you into a world of peace and relaxation. Precious essences pamper and relax the senses, gentle touch and wonderfully fragrant baths will get you in tune with yourself.

The bio-cosmetics products from Dr. Spiller from Salzburg are particularly skin-friendly and rich. Try this unique skincare line and discover your favorite product for at home.
Exclusive facial treatments, manicure, pedicure and waxing, massages and baths as well as body wraps and scrubs want to be booked and enjoyed.
A special highlight is our special wellness program for children.

Allow yourself our treatments and arrange your desired dates at best when you book your room. We are happy to advise you on the phone.

Contact us: +43 5443 8214 ext 42 for the beauty reception.

Fred’s Swim Academy swimming course

Baby swimEUR 14,-ca. 30 min

The SWIMTRAINER „Classic“ ensures that the correct swimming position is achieved from the start. The prone position also strengthens important back and neck muscles.

Swimming for younger childrenEUR 19,-ca. 30 min

At round 2-3 years old, smaller children move onto the SWIMTRAINER „Classic“ in orange, once they have got used to being in the water.

Children`s swimming courseEUR 79,-ca. for 5 days / 150 min

Learn to swim in 5 days with guaranteed success! Each lesson is 1 hour long. For both non-swimmers and swimmers – have fun safely!

Private swimming lessonsEUR 29,-ca. 60 min

Wellness for children

Children-MassageEUR 29,-ca. 20 min

Children-Facial-TreatmentEUR 49,-ca. 30 min

ManicureEUR 39,-ca. 30 min

PedicureEUR 39,-ca. 30 min

Nail PolishEUR 12,-ca. 10 min

Clepatra BathEUR 39,-ca. 20 min

Bath in milk and honey like the romans did.

“1001 Nights” BathEUR 39,-ca. 20 min

Relaxation in the middle of orange blossoms

Peeling in the Alpen BathEUR 39,-ca. 20 min

Chocolate TreatmentEUR 59,-ca. 40 min

Chocolate Pack, Massage with warm Cacao-Oil, in addition we serve a small Chocolate-Fondue

Glitter-TattooEUR 19,-ca. 15 min

Exclusive facial treatments

Large Facial TreatmentEUR 119,-ca. 90 min

Individual care, cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, deep cleansing, eyebrow correction, mask, finishing treatment, massage.

Small Facial TreatmentEUR 79,-ca. 60 min

Introduction: cleansing, exfoliation, mask and massage.

Teenie Facial TreatmentEUR 69,-ca. 60 min

from 12 - 16 years - contra acne skin problems

Sensation Skin Face TreatmentEUR 149,-ca. 120 min

Anti wrinkles Face TreatmentEUR 149,-ca. 120 min

AGELESS-Face TreatmentEUR 159,-ca. 120 min

The intensive lifting without surgery.

Hydro MarinEUR 149,-ca. 120 min

Strong effects – immediate results. Wrinkles are reduced and your skin looks fresh and smooth.

Skin Perfect - Microdermabrasio TreatmentEUR 99,-ca. 60 min

Cleansing, exfoliation, massage and final treatment.


Eyebrow correctionEUR 16,-ca. 15 min

Eyebrow tintingEUR 12,-ca. 10 min

Eyelash tintEUR 18,-ca. 15 min

Eyebrow & Eyelash tintingEUR 39,-ca. 30 min

Day-make-upEUR 34,-ca. 25 min

Evenig-make-upEUR 49,-ca. 25 min

Vacuum Face Treatment with lymphatic drainageEUR 99,-ca. 60 min

Sodalite-Face MassageEUR 59,-ca. 40 min

Cleansing, exfoliation, massage and final treatment.

Asian Brush Facial MassageEUR 59,-ca. 40 min

Cleansing, exfoliation, massage and final treatment.

Lava Shell Face MassageEUR 64,-ca. 40 min

Manicure, Pedicure & Depilation

Manicure & Pedicure

ManicureEUR 49,-ca. 50 min

Manicure with Nail PolishEUR 59,-ca. 70 min

Manicure with Gel Nail PolishEUR 79,-ca. 100 min

Manicure with Peeling and Crème PackEUR 59,-ca. 60 min

PedicureEUR 69,-ca. 70 min

Pedicure with Nail PolishEUR 79,-ca. 80 min

Pedicure with Gel Nail PolishEUR 99,-ca. 110 min

Pedicure with Peeling and Crème PackEUR 89,-ca. 90 min

Pedicure with Thermal ModellingEUR 99,-ca. 90 min

Nail PolishEUR 14,-ca. 15 min

FrenchEUR 19,-ca. 15 min

Gel Nail PolishEUR 39,-ca. 30 min


Lower LegsEUR 32,-ca. 20 min

Legs CompleteEUR 48,-ca. 30 min

Bikini ZoneEUR 20,-ca. 10 min

ArmpitsEUR 20,-ca. 10 min

Upper LipEUR 14,-ca. 10 min

ChinEUR 16,-ca. 10 min

FaceEUR 32,-ca. 20 min

ArmsEUR 32,-ca. 20 min

BackEUR 32,-ca. 20 min

Massages & Baths

Swiss pine & honey bathEUR 50,-ca. 30 min

Arnica massageEUR 74,-ca. 50 min

Massage using marmot oilEUR 74,-ca. 50 min

Classic Massages

Full Body MassageEUR 69,-ca. 50 min

Parts MassageEUR 44,-ca. 25 min

Sport MassageEUR 49,-ca. 30 min

Neck MassageEUR 39,-ca. 20 min

NEW Reflexology MassageEUR 64,-ca. 40 min

Kombi MassageEUR 67,-ca. 40 min

Facial MassageEUR 39,-ca. 20 min

Head MassageEUR 39,-ca. 20 min

Lymphatic Drainage FaceEUR 64,-ca. 40 min

Lymhatic Drainage BodyEUR 79,-ca. 60 min

Relax Massages

Aroma Full Body MassageEUR 74,-ca. 50 min

Hot stoneEUR 89,-ca. 70 min

Bath for one

Rose-Blossom-BathEUR 49,-ca. 30 min

Inclusive 1 glas of red wine or champagne per person

Tirolian Brick Oil BathEUR 49,-ca. 30 min

Bath for Two

Venician Bath for LoversEUR 84,-ca. 60 min

Romantic ExperienceEUR 84,-ca. 60 min

Exotic Allurement for TwoEUR 89,-ca. 60 min

Body packs & peelings

Purification packEUR 55,-ca. 40 min

Purify with a birch-juniper pack and feel fit. The purifying juniper and diuretic effect of young birch support your body’s detoxification. Orange oil produces a stimulating effect and enhances circulation and promotes fat burning. Spelt activates your metabolism. Your body is left feeling refreshingly cleansed and body tissue is invigorated. Purify and detox using the birch-juniper pack by Alpienne.

Honey exfoliating scrubEUR 49,-ca. 30 min

A gentle body scrub using honey massage milk by Alpienne using exquisite Propolis and natural honey. The Alpienne honey massage milk is a scrub that cleanses, smoothes, strengthens and protects the skin using Propolis with its anti-bacterial properties and nutrient-rich natural honey. Ideal for very dry and flaky skin. Contains mineral-rich mountain crystal salt.

Body Packs in the Soft-Pack-System

Healing ChalckEUR 69,-ca. 60 min

Seaweed TreatmentEUR 69,-ca. 60 min

Aroma-BalanceEUR 69,-ca. 60 min

Cellulite-BodywrappingEUR 94,-ca. 60 min

NEW Chocolate TreatmentEUR 49,-ca. 30 min

Fango MudEUR 49,-ca. 30 min

MoorEUR 49,-ca. 30 min

Body Peelings

Sea Salt Peeling EUR 49,-ca. 30 min

Soap Foam PeelingEUR 49,-ca. 30 min

Comfort Packages for Women & Men

Chocolate and moreEUR 119,-ca. 70 min

Relaxe Package Joy of the AlpsEUR 189,-

Time for EnergyEUR 194,-

Package for future momsEUR 169,-

Pregnancy is a very special time and mums-to-be should take care to regularly take time out to relax and unwind. A mini facial treatment, rosebud bath, pedicure.